(M3E.CL: Materiales Multifuncionales de Metales Estratégicos de Chile)

2018, September 6th to September 8th

Chile is a country with a long tradition in mining and we have important reserves of different metals. To generate extra added value, it is essential to intensify our mineral-focused research.
This satellite meeting is meant to provide an opportunity for the young generations of Chilean researchers to interact with well-known scientists working in the Molecular Magnetism, Molecular Materials, Inorganic Materials and Coordination Chemistry areas. As this is the first time that the ICMM is held in the Southern Hemisphere and many leading scientists are coming to Brazil, our neighboring country, it is the perfect opportunity for those scientists who have never been in Chile to visit us and meet our young students and scientists interested in developing the materials research area

GAM, Santiago, Chile

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Organizing Committee

• Professor Diego Venegas-Yazigi
• Professor Verónica Paredes-García
• Professor Andrés Vega Carvallo
• Professor Evgenia Spodine Spirinova
• Professor Dora Altbir Drullinsky
• Dr. Bianca Baldo Hurtado

• Dr. Walter Cañón Mancisidor
• Dr. Carlos Cruz Herrera
• Dr. Marlén Gutierrez Cutiño
• Dr. Patricio Hermosilla Ibáñez
• Dr. Kerry Wrighton Araneda

IPMaG Committee


Invited Speakers


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• Professor Fernando Godoy González

• Professor Nancy Pizarro Urzúa

• Professor Carolina Aliaga Varela

• Professor Daniel Aravena Ponce

• Dr. Patricio Cancino Rivera


Institute of Chemistry in Condensed Matter of Bordeaux (ICMCB),University of Bordeaux, France.

Corine Mathoniere

Research Interest: Molecular Magnetism, Photomagnetism, Coordination Chemistry, Electron Transfer

Department of Chemistry, University of Uta, United State.

Joel S. Miller

Research Interest: Solid state materials with magnetic, electrical, and optical, properties . Synthetic, structural, and the photochemistry of 1,2-dithiolene complexes,  Reactions of coordinated isocyanides, dinitrogen, and carbon monoxide ligands.   Development and understanding of catalysts and of 'metal-like' and ferromagnetic molecule-based inorganic, organic, and polymeric compounds. Molecule-based magnets as well as the surface modification of materials to impart specific properties. Long (~2.9 Å) multicenter C-C bonds, and unusual electron transfer reactions such as reduction of a ligand upon an overall oxidation. 

Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona

(ICMAB-CSIC) Spain .

Jaume Veciana

Research Interest: Functional Molecular Materials, Molecular Nanoscience, Nanomedicine.

Kyushu University, Japan .

Masaaki Ohba

Research Interest: Environmental-Responsive Metal-organic Frameworks, Liposome and Metal Complexes Composite.

Tohoku University, Japan

Masahiro Yamashita

Research Interest: Quantum Molecular Spintronics One-Dimensional Metal Complexes with Strong Electron-Correlation.

Tohoku University, Japan

Hitoshi Miyasaka

Research Interest: Functional molecular materials .

University of Central Florida, United State

Enrique del Barco

Research Interest: Condensed matter physicist.

Nanoscale magnetic materials.  Charge/spin transport studies in low-dimensional systems, and single-electron transport measurements through individual molecules for potential applications in nanoscale spintronics and molecular electronics, respectively

Nanjing University, China

Li-Min Zheng

Research Interest: Assembly of new crystalline metal phosphonate materials with novel architectures and interesting physical and chemical properties, developing low-dimensional materials based on metal phosphonates, and studying their optical, magnetic, proton conductive and elctrocatalytic properties.

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Hiroko Oshio

Research Interest: Metal complexes showing electronic state conversions .

Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes

Université Rennes 1, France.

Boris Le Guennic

Research Interest: Quantum chemical calculations of magnetic , Optical properties of transition metal and lanthanide complexes .

Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP), UMR 5031, Equipe "Matériaux Moléculaires & Magnétisme", France.

Rodolphe  Clérac

Research Interest: Polyaromatic molecules

Molecule-based magnets, single-molecule and single-chain magnets (and their derivatives) with high blocking temperatures or photoswitching properties, Spin-crossover and paramagnetic metal-metal bonded complexes Magnetic and/or electroactive solutions and liquid crystals.

Kumamoto University, Japan.

Shinya Hayami

Research Interest: Photo-induced phase transition , Ion and electron conduction for Spin-crossover compounds Metallomesogens Graphene oxide hybrids.

Aragon Materials Science Institute , Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científica  University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Javier Campo

Research Interest: Magnetism of purely organic materials.  Molecular multiferroics. Study of Magnetic Chirality.

Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes

Université Rennes 1, France.

Olivier Cador

Research Interest: Magnetic properties of systems with various dimensionalities, from nanoparticles to isolated molecules (zero dimensional systems).  Magnets (three dimensional systems) with atypical behaviours. Single-Molecule Magnets (SMMs); more particularly those based on lanthanides.

Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMol) –

Universitat de València, Spain .

Eugenio Coronado Millares

Research Interest: Molecular Magnetism.

Molecular Spintronics.  Polyoxometalate Chemistry. Molecular Conductors and Superconductors. Molecular Electronics and Quantum Computing (Magnetic Molecules as qubits) and 2D materials.

University of Göttingen

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Germany

Selvan Demir

Research Interest: Synthetic organometallic chemistry and molecular magnetism, with special emphasis on the chemical reactivity of f-elements.


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