TChile is a country with a long tradition in mining and we have important reserves of different metals. To generate extra added value, it is essential to intensify our mineral-focused research.
This satellite meeting is meant to provide an opportunity for the young generations of Chilean researchers to interact with well-known scientists working in the Molecular Magnetism, Molecular Materials, Inorganic Materials and Coordination Chemistry areas. As this is the first time that the ICMM is held in the Southern Hemisphere and many leading scientists are coming to Brazil, our neighboring country, it is the perfect opportunity for those scientists who have never been in Chile to visit us and meet our young students and scientists interested in developing the materials research area

(M3E.CL: Materiales Multifuncionales de Metales Estratégicos de Chile)


September  6/8/2 0 1 8 - Santiago-Chile

Organizing Committee

• Professor Diego Venegas-Yazigi
• Professor Verónica Paredes-García
• Professor Andrés Vega Carvallo
• Professor Evgenia Spodine Spirinova
• Professor Dora Altbir Drullinsky
• Dr. Bianca Baldo Hurtado

• Dr. Walter Cañón Mancisidor
• Dr. Carlos Cruz Herrera
• Dr. Marlén Gutierrez Cutiño
• Dr. Patricio Hermosilla Ibáñez
• Dr. Kerry Wrighton Araneda

IPMaG Committee

• Professor Fernando Godoy González

• Professor Nancy Pizarro Urzúa
• Professor Carolina Aliaga Varela
• Professor Daniel Aravena Ponce
• Dr. Patricio Cancino Rivera


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